Contemporary Handmade Pottery Wheel-Thrown in Kentucky

Functional Pottery

Originally produced for the wholesale market, this pottery is now available to purchase online. A collection is set aside to fill requests by retail customers who have discovered this pottery over the course of the last decade since the business started.

The pottery is wheel-thrown at a one person studio in Falmouth, KY. It was designed for every day use and its ability to withstand thermal shock and retain heat make it ideal for baking, while the relatively lightweight forms and attractive glazes make it suitable for serving on any table.

Complete sets of dinnerware are available, though not currently listed to buy here. Please call or use the contact form to inquire.

Wholesale buyers interested in carrying this product line may contact me to obtain pricing information. The wholesale market is my main business and my selling policies are clearly stated on this site.

Please note that the studio does not have a storefront for public shopping. Visitors may come by appointment from Sunday through Friday (closed Saturday).

How Blanket Creek Pottery is Made

This site includes an overview of how the production process works. It also includes some basic technical info in the interest of other potters. The pottery is made from a stoneware clay body that was developed at the studio specifically for functionality.

Blanket Creek Pottery FiringThe glazes are based on hardwood ash and clay dug from a lake at the studio. These natural elements are applied to entirely practical forms, resulting in an exquisitely-refined line of utilitarian ware. It is a product that incorporates modern resourcefulness with traditional simplicity.

The ware is fired in a 70 cubic foot car kiln with a unique multi-fuel burner system designed to use waste vegetable oil reclaimed from the food industry.

This pottery makes an ideal gift for those involved in art of giving and is intended to serve for a lifetime.